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Rebel for Good, Rebel for Change

Typically you think of a rebel as someone who is spray painting walls, or sneaking out at night to do something illegal. Education rebels are not that at all. They are regular, everyday parents who want something different for their children. Whether it’s wanting a say over what education is being taught, school safety, anxiety over stepping into the classroom, or bullying, parents know best. Parents know best what environment works best for their child. Thankfully we are finding more and more options to meet those needs. Homeschooling and Microschooling are two of those options.

Parents know best what environment works best for their child. Thankfully we are finding more and more options to meet those needs. Homeschooling and Microschooling are two of those options.

Deciding to Rebel

There comes a point in each homeschooling or microschooling journey where the parent decides that they are not going to choose public education. It is a defining moment, and can be scary at times. Especially if you have been on the public education journey for a while. Deciding to step off the conveyor-belt and step into the world of choice is important. It puts learning into the hands of the student, and into the hands of the family. It puts learning into small environments where you are able to adapt and change as needed. When you decide to rebel for good, you start looking at the world through different lenses. You’ll also notice that there are other families out here too.

In Homeschooling, parents take the lead in their child’s education. Thinking of it like a conductor of a symphony, the parent leads each subject individually. Choosing different paths for each course of study. Learning online, learning from novels and stories, learning from field trips or activities, finding a mentor or becoming that mentor yourself, finding or creating learning groups to inspire motivation and collaboration.

In Microschooling, parents partner with educators. The burden of choosing all of the coursework, field trips, projects, activities your child will be participating in is shared by a trusted adult. Often, families choose microschools because of the faith they have in the guide or teacher, or the environment and how it feels. Learning experiences for students are enhanced in small learning environments because they are able to adapt easily and cater to individual students and interests.

Parents Have a Choice

Parents have a choice over what education is being taught, and the way it is being taught. Technology has opened doors for teachers to be able to teach in a mixed age learning environment more easily. Whether it is your own family, or a small group of learners, they can all progress independently. Technology helps correct those math or spelling/grammar questions quickly, and then the windows for creative and collaborative learning can take the front seat. School safety becomes less of a concern when you are nestled in a small learning environment. Still precautions are made but it is less of a focus. Our society now is ever aware that incidents can always occur at any place. For our teens and younger students who are prone to anxiety, having small environments takes that fear away. Anxiety about fitting in or finding friends lessens as well. In small mixed age environments, friendships can occur between students who may typically not find much in common. Getting to know each other and building community is key to building relationships of trust.

Become a Rebel for Good

Parents know best. Becoming a rebel for good, and a rebel for change is all part of the non-traditional education journey, whether you're a parent or an educator who's wanting to create something different for their children or students. Take a step out into the darkness. You’ll find that there are many out here already, and it’s a space that is nurturing and inspiring for students and families. When you do decide to rebel, connect with like-minded people. Homeschool groups, Microschool Meetups, Online and In-person connections. It's going to be hard, because nothing worth doing in life ever comes easy. But, it is so worth it!

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