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Mindful Seedlings

Davie, FL

Program Leader: Alexandra Loupatatzi

Serving K-12

Microschool/Pod We are a holistic enrichment program & conscious community. Our philosophy is all about enriching children’s lives; holistic education, nature-inspired experiences, expressive-arts focused -> project-based, thematic, play and child-led,community building and family dynamics emphasized & we follow a multi-age model. We proudly present our unique curriculum made by expert parents in their fields to share with like-minded families & growing seedlings! We emphasize on outdoor experiences & families coming together to build a stronger community and support one another while guiding our children to thrive 🌱 South Florida, Broward County Microschool/Pod, Homeschool Co-Op, Tutoring, Homeschool Enrichment/Sports/Dance, Afterschool Program


Mindful Seedlings
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