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Summer Like an Unschooler

Summer is a great time to embrace the spirit of unschooling and explore the world around you in a self-directed and flexible way.

The word unschooling can come across as being a little too carefree and fancy free, and is misjudged frequently. However, it really is an amazing way to learn. Non-traditional education at it's finest. Homeschools and Microschools are drawn to this style of learning as well. Here are some ideas on how you can enjoy your summer like an unschooler:

Kids using a ropes course during the summer.
Kids exploring outdoors during summer.

Pursue your passions

Use the summer break to dive deeper into the subjects or activities that you are genuinely interested in. Whether it's art, music, science, coding, or any other hobby, spend time honing your skills, experimenting, and learning at your own pace.

Explore nature

Take advantage of the warm weather by spending time in nature. Go hiking, camping, or simply explore local parks and natural areas. Use this opportunity to observe wildlife, learn about different ecosystems, and appreciate the beauty of the natural world.

Visit museums and cultural institutions

Did anyone say field trip? Seek out museums, galleries, and cultural institutions in your area. These places offer a wealth of knowledge and inspiration. Spend time exploring their exhibits, attending workshops, and participating in interactive programs that align with your interests.

Connect with like-minded individuals

Reach out to local communities, clubs, or online groups that share your interests. Engage in discussions, join meetups or workshops, and collaborate with others who have similar passions. Building connections and sharing experiences with like-minded individuals can be a valuable part of unschooling.

Read widely and deeply

Take advantage of the extra time to read books that captivate your curiosity. Choose a mix of fiction and non-fiction titles that cover a broad range of topics. Unschooling encourages independent learning, and reading is a fantastic way to explore new ideas, expand your knowledge, and develop critical thinking skills.

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Travel and explore new places

If possible, embark on a summer adventure by visiting new cities, countries, or regions. Traveling allows you to experience different cultures, languages, and traditions firsthand, broadening your perspective and providing valuable learning opportunities.

Reflect and document your journey

Keep a journal or create a blog to document your unschooling experiences throughout the summer. Reflect on your learnings, challenges, and discoveries. You can also share your insights with others, providing inspiration and encouragement to fellow unschoolers or those interested in alternative education methods.

Engage in self-directed projects

Plan and execute your own projects based on your interests. It could be writing a book, creating a short film, designing a website, starting a small business, or even building a robot. Unschooling allows you the freedom to explore and immerse yourself in hands-on projects that excite you.

Enjoy your Summer

Remember, unschooling is all about following your curiosity, embracing self-directed learning, and finding joy in the process. Enjoy your summer by immersing yourself in meaningful activities that resonate with your passions and interests.



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