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Next Event:  August 2023
Cocoplum Nature School, Delray Beach
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Friday and Saturday, July 7-8 , 2023

Miami FREE Event
Homeschool Yo Kids

Visit Microschool Florida's Booth

Westchester Regional Library & Wellness Center
9445 Coral Way, Miami, FL 33165

July 7th- 12pm-5pm

July 8th- 2pm-5pm

If you missed the InEd Connect Event a few weeks ago, this would be a great event to attend!  Especially for our Miami Friends!  There are more options available for homeschoolers than ever before.  Because of HB1 for Florida, more scholarship options are available to homeschoolers.  Contact Step Up for Students to find out more.  Visit this amazing conference to talk to homeschoolers and microschoolers who can help show the way. 

Candace Lehenbauer is the Founder and Owner of Microschool Florida, a networking and directory for non-traditional education in Florida. She is a Homeschool parent to 6 children in South Florida for the last 18 years. She started her own microschool 5 years ago, and has created a directory to help families find homeschool, microschool, and non-traditional options in Florida.  She is passionate about sharing how to find and create options that are outside the box.

Iman is a best selling author, speaker, and advocate for learners. She has worked with children most of her life and after teaching Special Education in Public schools decided she wanted to create a program that would work for all learners. She earned her Master's in School Counseling in 2013 and is certified in Elementary Education, Special Education, and Guidance Counseling. She has been featured on NPR, New York Times, and Miami Times as well as other outlets. She is currently the Principal of Kind Academy, a progressive microschool located in South Florida.

Melanie is a Community Specialist at Prenda/ Empowering Learners through Community based Microschools.  Prenda is a new kind of school that connects parents with caring people, called Guides, who lead world-class microschools in their community and empower learners. Now available in Florida. 

Miami FREE Event:  Homeschool Yo Kids


FROM THE GROUND UP: A documentary
Set to Release in 2024
From the Ground Up follows children, parents, and educators as they cultivate the next stage of education within the micro-school revolution. Necessity is the MOTHER of all creation, and now MOTHERS are creating the next phase of education for their children.....and ultimately, ALL children.

IGNITE WONDER: Innovative Education Global Conference
FALL 2024— South Florida
At the Ignite Wonder Global Education Conference, you'll find thought-provoking discussions, inspiring speeches and engaging activities all designed to help you learn more about innovative education. We'll explore how to create an environment that encourages creativity, curiosity and critical thinking, and how to ensure that each student is valued and supported.  By attending the conference, you'll gain the skills, knowledge and tools to create an educational system that is more responsive to the changing needs of our society. Join us and help foster a generation of leaders, innovators and problem solvers.

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Utilizing Community Resources, Microschool Info Meeting

Utilizing Community Resources, Microschool Info Meeting

Show Notes: Microschool South Florida Online Info Meeting 6_8_22 Utilizing Community Resources With BReady Academy, Take Root Forest School, and Casa Ranch Montessori 0:00 Introduction, Candace Lehenbauer Purpose: 1. Introduce parents to opportunities in our area. 2. Be more connected with other like-minded educators. 3. Invite more people to be involved in the conversation. 2:24 Speaker 1, Brittany Jean, BReady Academy Microschool, Boca Raton, 11:03 Speaker 2, Christy Schultz, Take Root Forest School, Ft. Lauderdale & N. Miami, 17:35 Brief Intro: Melissa Landis, Lake Worth Water Keepers and Candace Lehenbauer, Tapestry Academy 21:29 Group Discussion: How do you feel Non-Traditional Education influences community resources? 26:54 Speaker 3, Precilla Yuill, Casa Ranch Montessori, Miramar 34:25 Group Discussion: Utilizing Community Resources What are some of your favorite community resources? Nature centers, trails, fieldtrips, etc. Swamp Walk Big Cypress National Preserve, Frost Science Museum, Blue Foot Pirate Ship Adventure, Tri-Rail & Las Olas Water Trolley, Stranahan House, Pigeon Key, Loxahatchee Battlefield Preservationists, Fisheating Creek 46:52 Question from Audience Do you provide Transportation? How do you get families to commit? 54:35 Closing Remarks Join us for more events over the next few weeks: Wednesday, 6/15/22, for our next Online Info Meeting. We’ll have new guest speakers. Microschool Showcase and Curriculum Expo, Saturday, June 11, 2022, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. in Boca Raton. More info at Magical things happen when we come together as a community. Microschool South Florida is a networking resource for parents and educators to connect. Modern one-room schoolhouses, edupreneurs, tutors, homeschool co-ops, and after-school programs welcome.

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