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KaiPod Learning

Winter Garden, FL


School Leaders: Allison Blue & George Gagel

Grades Served: 3 – 12

At a professional KaiPod Learning Center, 10-12 homeschoolers come together in person to work on their learning program, participate in enrichment activities, and form friendships with their peers — all supported by an experienced KaiPod Learning Coach.

Students at KaiPod are able to bring their own curriculum, online or otherwise, and they may also enlist KaiPod’s help in finding a curriculum program that fits them! KaiPod Learning is open 5 days a week, but parents are welcome to choose 2, 3, or 5-day plans for their child. It serves learners in grades 3-12, so there are plenty of kids of all ages to befriend!

At KaiPod Learning, your child and their experience are at the center of everything we do. It guides our approach to academics, the way we plan enrichments, and how we think about and structure social time. We designed all three elements of our student experience to include academics, enrichments, and social time to offer the best of both worlds to your child.






KaiPod Learning
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