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Miami / Miami Shores / Fort Lauderdale /Jacksonville, FL


School Leader: Ryan Delk

Microschools for Grades K-8

Where ambitious kids unlock their potential

Miami / Fort Lauderdale /Jacksonville / Coconut Grove / Health District

At Primer Microschools, students learn at their own pace, pursue their passions, and get the support they deserve. A school designed for tomorrow's leaders, enrolling today.

Our core academics are self-paced, which means students move as fast – or slow – as they need to master each concept. Each day they work with a partner through lessons precisely targeted to their level and get immediate feedback from Primer educators. When they reach the edge of their competency – or in simple terms, when they get stuck – a member of the Primer team is there to help.

Whether they’re writing a book to publish on Amazon, starting a business, researching volcanoes in the Pacific Ocean, or recording a song to release on Spotify – students are always in the driver’s seat. Through their work, the Primer team helps kids connect core academics to their passions, and develop important skills like creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving.


Instagram: withprimer

+1 (786) 791-4769

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