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The Homeschool Village

Tampa, Florida


School Leader: Charlene Favorite

Grades Served, K-5

The Homeschool Village is a program offered by Little Sprigs of Tampa to serve as a safe space for children ages 5-10. With a grade added every year, we outline a curriculum for each child to learn and thrive.  Outdoor School.

We offer  a unique holistic learning experience; A loving, and nurturing home-environment; A family-oriented space; Caring, loving, and nurturing staff; Fun, enriching, play-based, child-led curriculum; Kids kemetic yoga; Kids meditation; Homemade organic food; Great indoor/outdoor play space; Clean and healthy environment; Green cleaning products; Safe space; Organic gardening; Weekly field trips; Festivals; Ceremonies



'+1 813-563-6098

The Homeschool Village
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