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Wild Oak Explorers

Fernandina Beach, FL


School Leader: Stacey Tappan

Microschool, Enrichment for Grades K-6

Come & explore! Looking for an alternative to school in a building? We provide a homeschool enrichment program in the beautiful outdoors!! Join us for an adventure in nature! Over the years, children are playing outside less and less. Screen time has surpassed pedal time, children spend more time inside than out, less likely to know about the world around them. ​We believe children should experience nature first hand, learn through play, and, become a helping hand in their community.

Our curriculum is a whole-child approach utilizing Mother Nature and inspired by multiple educational philosophies including Forest school, Montessori, and Reggio. It is guided by the changing seasons and the wonders we encounter each day. ​We offer a hands on program that gives children opportunities to encounter plants and animals of their area, ample play time free of adult agendas, and connections to nature. We provide a natural play setting with natural materials to learn, discover, and explore along with daily trail hikes through a natural wooded setting.


Facebook: Wild Oak Explorers

Instagram: @wildoakexplorers



Wild Oak Explorers
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