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Logo Usage Guidelines


We encourage you to use our Microschool Florida logo, and link back to our website!

Microschool Florida logo encourages microschools, homeschool co-ops, tutors, and educational programs to incorporate our logo on their marketing materials. We want to show that we are part of a community, working together to provide alternative education choices to families in Florida.

Any questions or interpretations regarding usage of the logo or name of Microschool Florida, may be directed to Candace Lehenbauer, Owner and Director of


Any websites, flyers, business cards, signs, posters, hats, shirts, displays, etc. in support of the promotional efforts and educational programs of Microschool Florida may include the logo. It must not be the “main logo” used. Only use it if your microschool or educational program’s logo is present and listed first.

No altering of the logo is allowed.

(This includes stretching, condensing, or otherwise altering the elements of the logo.)

To resize the logo and keep it in the correct proportions, select the placed logo image and hold down the shift key while dragging from a corner handle to make the image smaller or larger. Do not drag from the side, top or bottom center handles.

At no time, should members or individuals use the logo, or represent themselves as speaking or writing as the owners of Microschool Florida, or

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